Family Councils

Stand up for the health, safety, and well being of your loved ones

What is a Family Council?

A Family Council is an organized group of relatives or friends of residents who meet to discuss and address concerns about residents’ quality of care and quality of life. For residents in facilities, quality living conditions and treatment are critical to their well being. California has the strongest protections and laws for family councils in the nation!

What is a Family Council?

Family Councils are the best way for you to be involved in your loved one’s care. Without a Family Council, residents may not have the support they need to protect their quality of life or care. However, with your help, your loved ones will be heard and taken care of by their facility. In a Family Council, you will partner with other resident’s family or friends to prevent or address concerns. You are never alone in the process.

Starting a Family Council

If your loved ones facility does not have a Family Council, don’t worry! The process for starting one is simple. The Ombudsman Program will provide hands-on training and guidance so the process is quick and easy.

There is no cost to start a Family Council and it only takes three steps:

  1. Contact the Ombudsman Program at 661-323-7884 to get started on training. 
  2. Once you’ve finished training, organize a group of family, friends and other resident representatives.
  3. Hold monthly meetings at your facility and discuss resident concerns. 


What do I need to start a Family Council?

  • Join one OR start one -FREE of charge

What is the time commitment?

  • Meetings are held monthly, or as often as you want

What can I hope to accomplish?

  • Identify and focus on common facility-wide concerns and make improvements for all residents.
  • Meet privately with other families to discuss and consolidate common concerns

Will I be supported in the process?

  • Receive support from LTC Ombudsman staff
  • Hands on training from LTC Ombudsman